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Patent 139 Brewing Co

Great food and great beer!

Our story

The concept of creating a brewery dedicated to the U.S. Patent 139 was originated by Tim Hass, the great grandchild of Rudolf Gustav Hass. Rudolf Gustav Hass was a postman in Pasadena, CA. The story goes that he saw a magazine advertisement with a picture of an avocado tree with dollar bills hanging from it. Always the entrepreneur, Rudolf borrowed some money from his sister and purchased an acre of avocado trees in La Habra Heights, CA. The trees did not produce well so he went to a nursery and purchased a bag of avocado seeds he believed came from Central or South America. One seed eventually grew strong and tall, not the typical Fuerte version people normally saw. The problem was that this tree produced a rough-skin black fruit, not the normal smooth green variety people loved. So he took it to a local market that catered to the wealthy people in the area. Everyone fell in love with its rich creamy taste and called it the "Black Gold".

In 1935, U.S. Patent 139 was granted to Rudolf Gustav Hass. Unfortunately, the looks of this Black Gold never got accepted by the general public and in 1952 when the Patent expired, Rudolf died of a heart attack. The family never tried to renew the patent or trademark the name. But in a sad twist of fate, the Black Gold took off in popularity and noted health attributes and today the "Hass" variety represents almost 90% of the avocados sold in the world! All from one tree in La Habra Heights, CA.

Tim Hass has been in the hospitality business since graduation from Northern Arizona University and has been with several Golf Resorts and Four Seasons in the food and beverage area. In 2015, Tim became the GM of Ballast Point Brewery's $11 million Long Beach Harbor, CA flagship. After successfully running this operation for years, ownership asked Tim to open up and manage their newest brewery/restaurant in downtown Disneyland. Tim's success in running these operations became noticed and he was recruited to open and manage the new Flint By Baltaire restaurant in Phoenix. Tim's desire was always to own and manage his own brewery/restaurant and in 2021 he secured the location in Chandler, AZ to bring his expertise and concept of a place dedicated to the "Hass" Avocado has become a reality.